To help expedite your escrow, please supply us with the following:

All Escrows:
All Parties Names, Addresses & Phone Numbers
Vesting of Buyer
Terms of Sale/Purchase
Name, Address & Loan Number of Existing Lien Holders
Buyer’s Lender & Loan Information
Home Warranty
Pest Inspection
Roof Inspection

Mobile Homes
Original Ownership Certificate
Original Current Registration
Insignia Numbers
Manufacturer’s Name, Size of Unit & Year of Manufacture
Name & Information of Lender to be Paid Off
Name & Information of New Lender

Bulk Business
Name & Address of Business
Copies of All Parties’ Social Security Cards and Drivers Licenses
Copy of ABC Licenses & State Board Resale License
EDD & Franchise Tax Board Numbers

*Information About Bulk Sale/Business Escrow
With an ABC License, the time limit is approximately 45-90 days, depending on when the buyer has posted his notice on the business window. A business, without an ABC license, can close Escrow within 13 working days of publication of the Notice to Creditors in the local newspaper.

All parties must sign the ABC 227 form and record the form at the county’s recorder’s office. Take a certified copy to the ABC in Fresno. Sellers will complete their application, posting notice on the business window. Close of Escrow can then occur in approximately 45 days.

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